My Thanksgiving Story Pt. II

A couple years ago, I began my writing journey at The Oddysey Online. Funny enough, I just came across one of the first articles I ever wrote. Which I, ironically, remember writing around this time of year, two years ago. That year, I remember being so genuinely happy and everything felt meant to be.

Needless to say, my life keeps changing drastically year after year, and though I’m “older and wiser” now, the real things to be grateful for are still the same. Still, I have one big thing to add to the list this year.

This year, I wasn’t so happy, in fact, I would describe it as quite challenging. Nevertheless, I’ve learned important lessons out from the events that happened, and I do feel confident saying that I’m also thankful for

The darker moments of life.

Life isn’t all good or all bad, but it is the mix of the ups and downs that make life rich.

The darker moments tend to make us grow, and often make us realize that we’re growing and evolving. They often lead us to critical moments in which we have to redefine who we are and what we want, as well as the things that really matter.

Therefore, I’m thankful for this year and all the things that came along with it.

In conclusion, being grateful for life’s darker moments doesn’t mean that your denying the things that make that time difficult, but instead, it just enlarges the picture to see more than just what makes you sad or angry, and brings you back to the present.

Can you think of anything that was present in a difficult time, that you’re thankful for?

By the way, here’s the link if you’re still curious about My First Thanksgiving Story.